Helix Carbon Fiber Propellers

Helix Team Pilots:

Fabrice & Oriane

Fabrice Breuzard and his daughter Oriane are a formidable father-daughter crew in the world of paramotoring, proudly representing France in various international competitions. They are celebrated competitors with a series of impressive achievements:

2022 World Champion Tandem Trike (Brasil)
2022 World Champion Tandem Trike

Fabrice, a seasoned paramotorist, boasts an illustrious career with notable accolades:

2016 World Champion Tandem Footlaunch (England) with Christelle (Oriane’s mother)
2016 French Champion

Fabrice is deeply embedded in the paramotor community, serving as an instructor (and an instructor of instructors) in paramotoring. His passion for flight extends beyond paramotors to include hot air balloons, multi-axis aircraft, and autogyros.

Oriane, a sports student, engages in paramotoring as a pilot for pleasure and a navigator in tandem competitions. Inspired by her parents from a young age, she has embraced the skies with enthusiasm and determination.

Fabrice’s journey began with microlights, but it was his first paramotor flight in 2009 that ignited a lifelong passion for paramotoring.

Growing up watching her parents, Oriane’s fascination with flight was a natural progression. She has been eager to fly since she was five years old.

Fabrice and Oriane have been flying with Helix Propellers since 2013. Their propellers are paired with Vittorazi engines for competitions, including the Cosmos 300 for tandem trikes, and various engines like the Atom 80, Moster 185, and Cosmos for instructional purposes.

For over a decade, Helix Propeller has been a crucial partner in their paramotoring journey. The company’s commitment to quality and innovation has enabled Fabrice and Oriane to continually push their limits and excel in competitions. Helix’s support ensures their equipment remains cutting-edge, fostering their quest for excellence and new victories.

Oriane and Fabrice are not just competitors; they are ambassadors of the sport, continually inspiring others with their dedication and achievements.

You can learn more about the dynamic duo at https://aeriance.fr

“For 10 years, our participation in paramotor competitions has been supported by Helix Propeller, a leading propeller manufacturer. Their commitment to quality and innovation allows our crew to always aim higher and face challenges with confidence. Helix’s support is essential not only to keep our equipment at the cutting edge of technology, but also to encourage us in our quest for excellence and surpassing ourselves. Each competition is a new adventure and a new chance to demonstrate the synergy between their expertise and our talents. Thank you for accompanying us all this time. Together, we are more determined than ever to achieve new victories!”