Helix Carbon Fiber Propellers



Case Studies

Helix propellers in action


Avilus has partnered with Helix Propellers to enhance their innovative DRONEVAC system. This collaboration reflects both Helix’s and Avilus’s commitment to developing cutting-edge technology for efficient, autonomous multicopter applications, such as Avilus’s medical evacuation drones.

Together with partners like MGM Compro and Helix Propellers, Avilus continues to advance the frontier of autonomous flight.


Volocopter is a pioneering force in urban air mobility (UAM) and a trailblazer in fully electric aviation. For over a decade, Volocopter has been at the forefront of realizing the dream of electric flight, developing a range of innovative aircraft, including air taxis, cargo drones, and longer-range passenger planes.

Volocopter builds a sophisticated ecosystem that enhances the efficiency and sustainability of air travel across major global cities.


Founded by Thomas Senkel and Michael K├╝gelgen, eMagic is on the forefront of innovation, developing state-of-the-art eVTOL solutions that prioritize safety, efficiency, and practical range.

Our partnership signifies a shared dedication to pushing the boundaries of eVTOL technology, contributing to the evolution of sustainable and efficient eVTOL solutions.

MGM Compro

MGM COMPRO is a leading aviation electronics innovator with over 30 years of expertise and specializing in cutting-edge Electric Propulsion Systems and Controllers. MGM COMPRO’s focus on safety and efficiency aligns with our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what an eVTOL can do.

Together, we aim to revolutionize propulsion systems for autonomous drones and multicopters.

Unparalleled Power

Engineered for maximum thrust and efficiency, our propellers redefine the limits of aerial performance, delivering unmatched power and stability for a flight experience that soars above the rest.

A Revolution in Flight

Our whisper-quiet propellers are a testament to our unwavering dedication to advancing the frontiers of aerial transportation.

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A Relentless Commitment...

…to pushing the boundaries of aerial mobility. We are on a journey of continuous research and development, striving to pioneer innovations that redefine the future of vertical flight.

Our vision is grounded in a deep understanding of aerodynamics, materials science, and the evolving needs of modern aviation.