Helix Carbon Fiber Propellers

Helix Team Pilot:

Harley Milne

Adventure Pilot Harley Milne is know for his Cross Country Challenges. He is first Paramotor Pilot to fly in all 50 states and then went on fly 2200 miles across the USA Coast to Coast in a supported trip in just 8 Days. In 2022 he completed perhaps one of the most difficult trips ever attempted on a Foot Launch Paramotor in the USA flying Sonoma to Oshkosh for EAA Airventure in 6 days (1900 miles) crossing two mountain ranges that tower more than 10,000 feet and launches as high as 8000 feet. He is preparing for his next trip in what will probably be the longest over water international crossing ever done on a Foot Launch Paramotor.

In addition to his exploits in the air, Harley is a Commercial Airplane Rated Pilot and the proud operator of Dreamlifter Paramotors, a flight school dedicated to sharing the joy of paramotoring. He entered the world of paramotoring after reading about the sport during a flight to Vietnam, subsequently taking lessons at a Paramotor Flight School in California.

For the past four years, Harley has been entrusting his paramotor adventures to Helix Propellers, flying them on engines like Corsair and Vittorazi. His preference for Helix Props is rooted in their robust design and quieter performance compared to alternative products. As a Cross Country Pilot, Harley Milne continues to push the boundaries of paramotoring. Harley’s passion, achievements, and dedication make him a respected figure in the paramotor community, inspiring fellow enthusiasts to reach new heights.

Accomplishments & Accolades:

  • Guinness World Record (Fastest time to fly a paramotor/ powered paraglider in all 50 US states)
  • USA Coast to Coast Supported Cross Country in 8 Days (2200 miles)
  • Sonoma to Oshkosh Unsupported in 6 Days (1900 miles)
  • Commercial Airplane Rated Pilot